Mechanical Code Gate Locks

Mechanical Code Gate Locks

Borg gate locks provide metal gates with keyless access control, combining a specially designed lockcase with marine grade keypads. The latch bolt is adjustable for use on gate frames 40 to 60mm and is reversible for right or left hand gates. The handle is free turning until the correct code is entered.


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Product no.: BL3430 ECP

Borg BL3430 ECP metal gate lock has keypads on both sides. 

The entrance and exit are secured by code.

Easicode Pro allows the code to be changed without removing the lock. 

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Product no.: AMF145

AMF adjustable gate lock stop includes:

1x Black aluminium strike plate with fixing bolts.

1x Stainless steel stop with two rubber buffers.


*Suitable for use with the Borg code gate locks.

£7.50 *

In stock


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